Our Thanksgiving

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My stomach feels full just thinking about how much food was consumed over the past four days. :) #noregrets Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key this year, which was wonderful as it left lots of room for afternoon naps, going back for a third helping of turkey & cranberry leftovers and an extra piece of pie. We stayed home, venturing only as far as my in-laws place here in town. Seth's brother came up from Cali which always makes for a fun time. 

The morning of Thanksgiving we always watch a movie while sipping on some coffee, followed by making gluten-free sugar cookies before jumping into dishes to accompany the turkey. I was quite surprised this year that Aria decided after applying sprinkles to about a dozen cookies, to sample the frosting. She's not one to handle sticky fingers too well, but she must have decided the sweet treat was worth it. 

I was in charge of the mashed potatoes, which I played around with this year and added in sour cream & Parmesan cheese for a change of pace - it turned out SO good! My paleo cranberry sauce & gluten-free stuffing were also on the table that evening. In all, there had to be about 12 different dishes.. so much good food!

Football was on all weekend and the BEAVERS WON!  Emi couldn't figure out why a turkey leg was so funny. :) And we ventured out to find a Christmas tree and some lights also went up on the house. 

I keep finding little ornaments all over the house. I finally caught Aria going over and taking them from one side of the tree and setting them next to her chair.. then over to her kitchen.. and back to her bedroom. She obviously had so much fun decorating! 

Did you stay in or venture out of town for Thanksgiving? Do you have a favorite dish!? 

xo, McKenzie

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