Holiday Gift Guide for Little Girls

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I'm so excited to bring back gift guides! These are so fun to put together with a little input from the girls and things the ask for along with a few things we love and a few magical & festive additions. This list is geared more towards girls because #momofgirls, but I have more links & ideas for boys here too! 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

We try to stick with something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. It makes life & the holidays so much easier and keeps toys to a minimum. 

This year Emi asked for a camera and Aria asked for a robot. They also love anything arts & crafts - we get a fresh new art kit for them each year - I love this studio art set too. Boots are always a must along with cozy winter pajamas! 

They love pretty dolls - I feel like they will be so cute poking out of their stockings on Christmas morning. Each of the girls will get a new Polly Pocket + cute hair clips in their stockings too.

Reading and coloring books are a favorite around here - Aria gets excited learning about all the states and love how beautiful this 50 States book is.  I flipped through the Apple Cake book, it focuses on gratitude and step-by-step what goes into making an apple pie from the farmer to the table and also has a recipe at the end I can't wait to make with the girls.

A few more things - magnet tiles are hands-down the most played with toys in our house - they are always out and I'm always willing to add to their collection (this car set is so fun!) - they also make the best gift for nieces & nephews too.  Fuse & Perler beads are a big hit around here as well - we are well stocked on beads + templates but if you're looking for a great gift for ages 4+, we highly recommend these!

I also have created this list of kids favorites from Amazon with more books and a few things geared more towards boys and things we are buying for a nephews!

Hope this has given you a few fun ideas for shopping this year! If you are interested in more gift guides for men, your friends or things to treat yourself with, let me know, I'd be happy to put them together! 

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