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Many of you have followed along as our family has grown, fitness has evolved and diets have been fine tuned. We are excited to share our diets with you in the form of our new app! 

Available on both Itunes & Google Play, you can download and test out a maintenance diet plan for free. See how nutrient timing works and all the benefits if offers while maintaining your current weight.  If you decide you want to cut or bulk, both plans offer you the ability to build muscle and shed fat at the the same time, (just one more than the other depending on the diet) you can upgrade for a one time purchase of $10. All the diet plans are yours forever, to use year-round. 

Nutrient Timing and Carb Cycling shouldn’t be a mystery that can only be solved by purchasing a diet plan for hundreds of dollars. Optimum athletic performance and recovery should be easily available to every athlete without emptying their wallet. We’ve set out to change the fitness industry with an easy to follow macronutrient calculator and a variety of diet plans; eliminating the templates, spreadsheets, endless hours logging meals and doing math or worse, guessing.  Your daily macros are laid out for the day, meal-by-meal, based on your personal information; age, height, weight and daily activity & training. No other app offers this, you typically have to spend a minimum of $80 for a single 12 week meal plan, upwards of hundreds of dollars for goal-oriented diet plans. We’re offering 5 diet plans: maintenance (included in free version), basic cut, advanced cut, basic bulk and an advanced bulk, for a one time purchase of $10! And it’s on your phone, with you wherever you go. *For serious users only*

Download on iTunes here

For Every Athlete

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, this app fits your needs. Cut body fat, build muscle, or maintain your goal weight. Granite's Carb Cycling App has a plan to help you crush your goals.

Macros Defined

Total macro-nutrients are clearly outlined for each day, but we went one step further to define how many grams of protein, carbs, and healthy fats you need for each and every meal. 
No more guesswork.

5am or 8pm. No Problem

The daily meal plan changes automatically based on what time of day you train and the intensity level of your workouts. Granite Nutrition even has a meal plan for your rest days.

Improve Athletic Performance

Granite's Carb Cycling App will help you understand what to eat before, during and after your workouts so you can conquer each workout and recover faster than ever before.

Please not: this app offers five different diet plans. We have great updates and upgrades planned for the future, but currently it does not offer meal planning, food tracking etc. Each diet lays out your macro-goals, an ideal amount of each (carbohydrates, protein, & fat) to be consumed at each meal in correlation to the time you plan to workout. This optimizes the nutrients consumption by the body so food is used as fuel, and not stored as fat. Nutrient timing also ensures the right macronutrients are  available at the right time to help you body recover from a grueling workout so you are ready to conquer the next day!

Please feel free to email any questions you may have to me at: or to's FREE

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