Our Weekend

7:15 PM

We took full advantage of having no plans over the weekend. Usually, we're rushing around to get as many tasks done as we can before falling into the couch after Aria goes to bed. 

The weather kept us in the for most part, but the sun did come out on Sunday. Aria is now 21 months.. how is she almost 2?! But I have to say each new phase is more fun than the last. She loves to sit on the kitchen counter and stir cheerios while I cook or bake. She loves to be apart of everything, and can repeat just. about. anything.. I have had that bite me a couple times now. ;) 

A few favorite phrases: 

"moore meal prweees!" (more oatmeal please)

"tank um" & "ank you-ank you" (versions of  'thank you' and also a request when repeated 7 times for you to take whatever she is handing off, haha!)

She has the most adorable accent when pronouncing 'bear' & 'pear'.. I can't get over it. 

My personal favorite though is everynight at bedtime, we give kisses and she follows with "nigh nigh" and "yow you" (love you), it just melts my heart. 

Her silky security blanket's name is "B", just B.  We have learned that having two, one for washing and one for snuggling, is not enough back stock for this blanket. We have a small drawer-full of B's. 

Baby girl Emerson is growing and growing. I was looking though pics and I'm pretty certain I am officially bigger now, at 31 weeks than I was with Aria the day before she was born. I live in Blanqi leggings - literally everyday. The support and comfort can't be beat when your baby belly has officially reached coffee table status. ;)

I had incredible cravings for fresh, hot, buttery and salty pretzels over the weekend. When you're gluten-free it's almost impossible to find them ready to eat anywhere.. So I tackled this super easy recipe.

I ended up going on a baking spree, if the flour is out and kitchen is already a mess - why not right? We made up the dough and cut and munched on apples for this AMAZING & gluten-free apple-cinnamon pull apart bread..  it's like a cinnamon roll on steroids. 

I try to balance sweets with my workouts.. or rather, workout enough that I can justify some sweets. So Monday I got together with some other mamas & babies and ran some hill intervals. I think it had been 3 years since my last round of those. I was able to use one, but word to the wise pregnant lady- definitely use a maternity support belt when running. Game changer.

That sums up our past week, how did yours go? Are any of you savoring Winter still or are you ready for Spring?

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