Gift Guide for the Fit Guy

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There will only be about 9,583 gift guides compiled this holiday season, but I wanted to get this out for you to peek at before Black Friday. Here's a peak at some of the items Seth has requested over the past year, items that have been on our wishlists for far too long, and a couple items that are tried and true.  

Qalo Ring If you weight-train, you know you can't really wear your ring without it getting scratched up by the bar or pinching the skin on your palm when gripping a barbell. Problem solved.

EnoHammock Backyards get a whole lot cozier with one of these.

Slim Classic Sweatpants  Seth always gets frustrated with loose fitting sweatpants because the back gets caught under his shoes. Problem solved. (and these are 50% off right now)

Leather Belt  Simple staples like this are easy to tuck in a stocking.

Harry's Shave Club  Or Dollar Shave Club, monthly subscriptions that take care of all his (and her) shaving needs for cheap. We actually use both of these. Seth prefers the blades and shaving cream from Harry's and I love the Dollar Shave Club 4X blades and their hand cream. 

Yeti Tumbler we have one of these and I have to say they are the best. I'm usually the one who uses it becasue I can make a coffee to take on a playdate for example, and it's hot the entire time...(no more room-temp coffee). I do need to get one for both of us. 

Roku Player We have an Amazon Stick right now, which is great, but looking at the Roku for a little upgrade this year.

Carry On Cocktail Kit  I know alcohol & fitness don't generally play well together, but for special occasions ya know?.. and its the perfect stocking stuffer. Enough Said.

Arvo Watch I love how gender neutral these are. Classy, minimalist designs go with anything and everything. Perfect to dress up or wear casual. If you are seeking a more fitness utilized watch, the Fitbit Blaze is the newest release. 

Kettlebell  Because you can never have enough weight options, and having a couple of each size only offers more creativity with your workouts. Double Kettlebell Thrusters anyone?

Food Scale Kitchen Meal Prep Staple. We have a basic model, but this little upgrade is happening.

Spiral Slicer This has been on our wishlist forever. I've bought them as gifts, but never one for ourselves. Crossing this off this year.

Aeropress Espresso Maker I swear by this thing. We've had our for 4 years and use it every. single. day. It's starting to show a little wear, so a new one may be needed soon. These make the smoothes cup of joe you've ever had for pennies. Plus the best iced coffee ever!

Bumper Plates  Another garage gym staple. Whether you have one or are building one a variety of durable plates are a must have.

What's on your list for your man this year? Comments are at the bottom - I'm getting that fixed soon ;)

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