12 Best iOS Photo Apps for Moms, Bloggers & Insta Addicts

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If you're reading this my assumption is that you fall into at least one of the above categories.. or maybe all three like I do. I take dozens of pictures each week and even though many are featured here and on Instagram, there are always many more that I love. So here I've complied my top apps that I've used over and over to edit, print and compile into something I love. So let's get to it..

1. VSCO: Top of the list for a reason. It's also the top hashtag on Instagram (over 115 million!). Edit like a pro with gorgeous filters that play up your pics. Brighten, highlight and play with the contrast and clarity without the grain. Edit the perspective if you took a flat-lay thats a bit crooked. You can purchase professional "preset"packages, but the free version is killer all by itself.

2. Afterlight: I used this prior to discovering VSCO. I still use it at times because it does offer a few editing features that the other doesn't. You also have the ability to save a personal preset, so if you have certain steps that you take every time you edit an image, you can save those steps to save yourself time. This one is the best .99 cents you'll spend on an app.

3. Facetune: This one was one of the first apps I downloaded when I first stepped into iPhoneland years ago. Remove blemishes, whiten teeth, blur crows feet.. I've even used it to get rid of a coldsore, because really.. who wants those in an otherwise cute picture? The original Facetune is $5.99 (this is the version I have. They recently launched Facetune 2, which is free to download, but offers specific packages and some new features broken down into their own in-app purchases. For what you get, I personally prefer the original.

4. Studio Design: Use this every week. Create text overlays for your images. Great for bloggers and instagram and be as creative as you want. Game changer for design - that's free!

5 & 6. Onto the Video Apps:  Splice & Quik are rather new to me, but I've created several videos with each of them and can't belive I've gone this long without them. They do the same thing, except Quik automates creating a 'movie' of sorts. Select your videos & images and then select a layout from a series of of options, then edit the music over the top. With Splice, you are more in control; choose how you want each video to fade into one another, choose from a wider array of music, change the music at any point in the video, trim, edit and customize from beginning to end.  Both produce a high quality video for free, perfect for compiling event clips like birthday parties & holidays or for putting your workout clips together for Instagram ;). Nice job GoPro.

7. Pic Stitch: If you are looking to put together before & afters, comparisons, or to feature each of your tiny human's faces in anykind of collage layout, this one's for you.

8, 9 & 10. Now you have all these gorgeous pictures, what do you do with them?  Chatbooks, Shutterfly & Tinyprints. All three are on my phone. Chatbooks (watch this hilarious video!) offers custom, adorable (and inexpensive) photobooks . Set it up to use pictures from your Instagram or your favorites from your camera roll and they send you a new book every 60 images (their logo is perfect - "like a magazine subscription of your life").

Shutterfly & Tinyprints are my  go to for prints for family members, anything I want to frame, or if I want to make something fun like a new coffee mug or canvas print.

11 &12. For all you bloggers and professional Instagrammers out there; Later & UNUM are serious game changers. Laters is well known and established and offers you the ability to manage & plan multiple accounts, and if you post around the clock, you can setup reminders for you to post. While UNUM is my preference for Instagram design, you can drag and drop your images until the grid is as you like it, as well as tile an image out over 9 squares for a business feed.

I prefer finding and using apps by word-of-mouth... or text. I'd rather try something that someone has tried and loved themselves. I don't have any affiliate or sponsored app links with this*, I'm just sharing my favorites in hopes that maybe one of them makes your life easier. To capture a sweet moment is the best, but to turn it into something else that you love is even better.

Comment at the bottom, I'd love to test out your favorite app!

*I did add a referral link to Chatbooks - if you sign up for a series, you and I both get a free book! :) 

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