Frosty's Breakfast

10:46 AM

Friday mornings are for a festive breakfast.. since Emi was up at the crack of dawn I decided to get a little Frosty the Snowman-themed breakfast ready for Aria since we've been watching the 1969 classic all week. 

Emerson started the process of crushing candy canes as seen on Snapchat this morning.. and I brought out some chocolate chips & sprinkles. I'd love to say that it went flawlessly from there as I mixed up batter. Aria woke up and this is how it went down;

Aria: "Emi Aria's chair!"
Me: "I know.. just a minute and I'll switch her" (how dare I place Emi is the wrong chair haha!)

Emi starts rocking violently in the seat attempting to tip over her chair

Aria: "Emi chair, mom, Emi chair!"

Switch chairs - both girls now at the table. Emi immediately puts her chubby feet on table and pushes her chair back.. so I back her up against the wall. 

Aria: "Frosty milk.. more milk peeease!
milk peeease
more Frosty milk peeease!"

Pancakes: "I'm burning..."

I pour Aria some more milk.
Emi hucks her toy on the ground and starts to fuss, so I go to pick it back up for her.

Pancakes: "I'm burning, I'm burning!"

Fedex knocks on the door with a package I have to sign for.. and I have yet to change out of my pjs and look human.. I set the package on the couch and return to the kitchen.

Pancakes: "I'm burnt."
Me: "F*ck"

Pancakes round two goes much better.. and I finally get them on the table. Aria promptly eats the half-melted chocolate chip buttons off. "oh, no... wipe hands!, wipe hands peeease!" 

Aria: "More buttons peeease!" - more buttons placed on Frosty - "Tanks mom!" pause... "where Emi's pancakes?" I explain how Emi can't have them yet, which is apparently hilarious.. 

between giggles "Emi no pancakes.." :) 

Emi's chillin' watching the dogs in the backyard out the window gnawing on her highchair strap as I take a sip of room-temp coffee. It's only 9am. 

Halfway into situations like this I question why I even attempt to do such things.. but these sweet faces make it worth it every time. 


I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of all things merry & bright.

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