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The next Whole30 starts next week and I'm here to help you prepare as much as I can, so Pin this post, or save it somewhere you can find it again because here's a list of resources that I turn to over and over again.

I'm kicking it off with my Shopping Guide - this is not a full blown list, these are my staples that I buy at Costco & Trader Joes. There are more than is listed that is Whole30 compliant, just check your labels.

Here's are some comprehensive list's straight from the Whole30 site to help you navigate and prepare:
SHOPPING LIST & IN-STORE GUIDE (for food on a budget). And don't forget to STOCK YOUR PANTRY


Because it's still summer, and we want to make the most of it, here's a few guides to DINING OUT & TRAVELING

and since I've been there on the no-egg diet, here's a few lists with modifications for EGG & NIGHTSHADE FREE

Many people I've spoke to about the Whole30 see it as another weight-loss diet, but in reality, it's a diet to hit the reset button. Chronic inflammation is often a long-standing result of diets poor in nutrients, filled with easy and convenient food, or those treats that our brain convinces us we need.. like wine, beer, ice-cream.. oreos. I'll be the first to admit I cave to these cravings pretty easily, figuring a small package of gummy snacks or a glass of wine is no big deal. But it adds up. Fast.

The Whole30 is more of a non-scale victory diet. Yes, you can and may lose weight, but it's not due to being on a calorie-restricted diet. There is no calorie counting here. No meal tracking or adding up your macros. It's a real food diet, you aren't depriving yourself, you are taking care of yourself.

I love this list of NON-SCALE VICTORIES that you may see during the next 30 days. The Whole30 can also be a Whole60, Whole90.. Whole6 months or WholeLife.. and probably should be to some extent. But the more you focus on this being a healthy lifestyle change, the better the results.

I'm not going to lie, when you cut out the junk, the processes sugar, alcohols, fake food, your brain is going to want it. Bad. It's going to tell you this diet is silly, that one little bite of cupcake or a sip of beer isn't going to hurt anything. It's a lie.

Our brains become programmed to feel like it needs those foods since the chemical reaction to these sweet, mind-numbing, garbage-filled ingredients creates a chemical reaction in the brain that makes it want more - just like any addiction. I know first hand that you can become addicted to chocolate-chips.. Oreos.. or even gummy bears (are you seeing a theme here? - I have a sweet tooth).

Because of this, the first 10 days are the most brutal.. the first day or so, you'll be just fine. You'll be on the "this is for the new me" high.. but then the fact that you haven't ate xyz that you normally do, will set in. Stay strong. You are in control.

The Whole30 offers a email subscription that I highly recommend, full of tips and tricks as well as a sense of "you've got this". I also highly recommend their first book, It Starts with Food, where they walk you through the "Why's" of this diet, then it won't seem like meaningless restrictions. It's all the science behind how various ingredients affect your mind & body. The good & the bad.

Their second book, The Whole 30 is the short-hand version. The meat and potatoes.. err..vegetables.. so to speak, of this diet. Straightforward info and lots of recipes to get your started.

Don't overthink this. Just Eat Real Food #jerf
Keep it simple.
Don't binge before starting. That only makes it harder.
Plan Ahead. Stock your pantry & fridge before day 1. Meal prep, have healthy selections ready to go.
Never go to the store hungry. period.
Do it with a friend. Have your best friend, or spouse do it with you - and let people know before you start. That way when you go to a backyard bbq and are sipping LaCroix + Pom and skip the cheesy mashed potatoes and rolls, they'll know why.
Give yourself a break. If you eat something from the not-approved list, start over with your next meal, don't completely fall off because you tripped. Don't binge the rest of the day because you ate one of grandma's waffles.

We're in this together - please connect with me via Instagram, even just a comment or DM to let me know you're in. That way we can stay in touch and support each other! I'll be sharing my daily meals,and you can follow along with hashtags:

#mckenzieswhole30 for daily inspiration and to follow my 30 day journey

I'm so excited for you to join us in this next round of Whole30! Also, check out my last post

I'll be sharing my quick, go-to meals later this week!

xoxo, McKenzie

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  1. What is the difference between whole 30 and paleo diet.They both seems to be similar


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