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The picture on the right is me, currently eight months postpartum with baby #2. And on the left is me, 6 months before we found out we were going to be parents the following year.  Nutrition has always been a big one for me, as our health is one of the most valuable things we have. But there is such a difference in how I've learned to eat between these pictures in just three years. 

In the first picture, I thought I ate well for the most part, basically Paleo + margaritas. I ate great all day, did Crossfit 3-5 times per week and would enjoy a drink or two in the evenings and on the weekends. I never measured my food, ate however much and whatever I wanted as long as it was clean. I didn't have a problem with where I was at, except I wanted abs ;). 

Now three years later, I've learned a lot. I've established new habits, good habits. Eating clean, with some dark chocolate and ice-cream on occasion - and maybe a glass of wine once or twice a month ;)  Frequent meals to keep my body fueled for my workouts and muscle growth, without gaining fat - and currently maintaining a milk supply for little Emerson - all while losing weight and reaching my by body composition goals. 

I worked my way into what is referred to as "nutrient timing" - eating certain macros at a specific time of day based around my activity. Many athletes have adopted this approach with results geared toward athletic performance & recovery, but I found that the sense of consistency and control after having a baby was awesome. 

Nutrient timing ensures you (and your baby if you have one) have all the nutrients that you need without spikes or dips. Maintaining a steady intake of protein and amino acids does wonders for proper weight gain for the baby and weight-loss for you since more muscle = more calories burned at rest. Intake of carbohydrates at the right time ensures your body uses them at the right time; for energy instead of storing them (as fat). You also sleep better with correctly timed carbohydrate consumption, since your insulin is in check. Meanwhile, proper fat intake will round out the important calories you need. 

With that said.. we've developed an app


Seth and I have followed a particulary style of eating & meal planing over the past year (and intermittently over the past few years. Even while I was pregnant, I maintained a 6 meals-per-day plan to support me and our growing little Emi. 

Granite Nutrition Carb Cycling app became a reality when we realized that our meal plans were always on the computer, in spreadsheets. The meals vary depending on activity level and when you are working out vs a rest day. So we would have to refer to those spreadsheets or take a screenshot to save to our phone to have the information on the go. Such a pain in the ass. 

My sweet smarty-pants of a husband finally put together the information in way so that I can select the intensity for my workout that day, and select the time I'm working out; or setup a "rest day" or "light day" for those days I don't workout. From there I had meal-by-meal diet plan to follow for the day. There's a huge backstory to this whole thing I'll share with you in some future posts.

Our goal is for everyone to access to a diet plan customized to their goals that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars - whether it's to put on some muscle or lose some fat. Carb cycling sounds serious and sometimes scary, I was very skeptical at first. But it works, and there is so many studies and science on nutrient timing! We've been able to make it much easier and more approachable for those who are new to the concept.

Since many of you are moms like myself, I tend to gear things in that manner, but this app is for EVERYONE. The man in your life can gain some lean muscle and shed some weight too. #sexydadbod ;)

We aren't doctors, it is always recommended that you seek the counsel of your physician before starting any new exercise regime (especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have any pre-existing health conditions).

If you are interested, check out the website; We'd love for you to join our email Launch List for when we launch in the App Store & Google Play.  Help us spread the word, sharing on social media is SO greatly appreciated too!

Currently, we plan to launch within the next 10 days. Confirmed date will be posted soon. You can follow Carb Cycling App's launch on Instagram too.

We are so excited to finally share this with you!! Please feel free to shoot me any questions you may have!  

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