Eat all the Salad

1:39 PM

Don't worry.. I'm just over here pretending it's summer in the winter.. but seriously. I'm ready. 

Ready for sunshine, warm sun, dresses, trips to the farms, fresh cut flowers.. and all the ripe produce I can get my hands on.. 
Oh, and fresh baby snuggles this spring (insert all the happy emojis here). 

I love salads, but they have to have to be loaded salads, all the toppings I can squeeze onto the plate. I find that when there are so many delicious things on top, I don't even reach for a dressing. And if I do, it's just olive oil & balsamic vinegar. 

Another rule I follow is that every salad has to have a protein.. so there's anything from chopped steak to chicken, but I'll also throw in salmon, shrimp.. just depends on what leftovers we have.

Another must is fat.. olives & avocado being my favorite if I don't use olive oil. 

I prefer to use fresh produce, but many of my favorites just aren't in season in January.. so I will hit the frozen or canned section if needed. (I've had this craving for canned pickled beets recently.) 

So here's a little salad inspiration while we wait for the sunshine to return. 

I'm always looking to pull in new ingredients, or things I don't typically buy.. what are your favorite salad mix-ins?

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