October Highlights & Halloween

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I anticipated sharing this yesterday, but that may say something for how fast the days go by and how fast October went by as a whole. I can hardly believe November is here. I always catch myself saying how fast time seems to be going by, but I think it's moving at warp speed now. Currently, I feel like October happened without us, but then again, I look back and realize we were just busy having fun. :)

I'm itching to get out the Christmas decorations, but may have to stick with a little Christmas music for at least another week. I also keep daydreaming of all the dishes I could make for Thanksgiving.. a little cranberry sauce, stuffing, fluffy buttery rolls and maybe some pie with a super fun crust (all Paleo and GF of course ;). 

In the meantime, here's a little highlight real of October in pictures, with a caption or two.

I absolutely love that the girls are starting to play together! 

Can you caption this? I about died when I went back through pictures. ;)
Bathtime pictures are my favorite bathroom art

This was our first couples costume - well theme anyway, I couldn't convince him to be part of the Frozen cast ;) 

We joined some friends and their littles for a fun round (and round, and round) of trick or treating our local 5th Street Market. It was so much fun! Zig-zagging the crowds and bowls of candy, navigating a population of face-painted tiny people moving fast with parents catching up behind them. We ended the evening with pizza, coffee and lots of laughter. At one point, all you could hear were these three laughing, as everyone circled around trying to figure out what was so hilarious.. it must have been those cupcakes in the pastry case ;). Emi was a trooper, my little Ergo-passenger who watched everything in amazement. 

After the girls were in bed, I sat down to raid the Reese's cups from Aria's candy and realized we only have so many of these were we will walk around holding her little hand to trick or treat. I love every chaotic, fun and sweet bit of it. 

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween, now bring on the pumpkin pie and Christmas decorations! 

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