Fall Bucket List

7:17 AM

It's halfway through October, so we've accomplished quite a few Fall related things.. pumpkin pie, busting out all the cozy blankets, and some decorations are up. I really wanted to pick apples, but discovered we should have done that about a month ago. 

With Aria being two and a half, the holidays and festivities are starting to become quite magical. It's so much more fun seeing things through her eyes. We did splash in puddles in the rain over the weekend, but with rain in the forecast for the next 6 months, there will be more of that for sure!

Here is our current to-do list for Fall: 

I also realized I should have added:

  • Learn how to french braid - I know, I know.. most girls learn that when they are little. I can do a classic and fish tail braid like nobody's business though. 

  • Make a Fall Playlist. We have some favorite songs this time of year, although currently "Let it Go" has been on repeat the past week. ;)

What's on your Fall bucket list? 

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