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It's Friday! I decided to do a round of Friday Favorites, with our newborn favorites in mind. Now that we have our baby #2 on the way, I can't help but 1. go through Aria's newborn things that we put in storage, 2. shop for cute new things for the new baby.

It's and endless battle, in less than 2 years they have came out with new gear, cute prints and all sorts of fun new things. But.. I tend to be on the practical side. I drool over this and that, but only commit to getting the items that will get the most use, are the most versatile and will last. So I've rounded up what was a keeper for us that we plan to use for round 2, and what's been added to the registry this time.

The Rock n Play is a life-saver! We received that as a gift and used it from day 1. Aria wasn't (and still kinda isn't) a sleeper. She would not sleep for more than an hour or so in the bassinet, but would sleep a couple hours at a time in the Rock n Play! It's portable, so she could sleep in the living room during naps and be bedside at night. The only drawback was that when bedside, I had to get all the way up and lean over to get her out, which was a little tough recovering from a C-section. 

This brings me to the co-sleeper. I came across this when Aria was a little older, but it's on my list this time around. I've heard nothing but amazing things as far as convenience and safety. Plus the airy sides calm the inner paranoia over bumpers and fabric lining. 

Crane makes the cutest humidifiers. Plus they work forever! We actually ended up with the elephant one for the nursery (see all the cute ones here. The output is adjustable and you can go days if not a week before having to refill when running them 24/7. For Aria's big girl room, I might have to go with a sleek white one (as shown).

We opted to go with a dresser and changing pad instead of a changing table. Since Aria only lasted on the dresser for a few months before getting to wiggly, Having a piece that was functional and would carry forward was a must. This inexpensive but quality pad is ready for round 2. Plus there are so many cute and cozy covers ;)

I've decided I need to find a giant adult sized muslin blanket. I adore them. They get softer with each wash and were perfect for swaddling in the newborn days, and now Aria sleeps with them everyday. They are absorbent, which is great if that's the only thing within reach when you need it, and come in a million cute prints. I also adore these blankets.

White noise in a must with a new baby. We have the sleep sheep, phone apps, you name it, but nothing works quite as well as a regular fan. We have a small one that we can bring while traveling.

And I relabeled these pretty receiving blankets as burp cloths.. since that is all we used them for. They also make great emergency changing covers.

 What are your favorites? 

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