Happy Friday

4:21 PM

We had a great week and hope you did too!

It started out busy, prepping for a large vineyard dinner at the winery tomorrow, I'm pretty excited about how some of the loose ends fell into place over the past month. Aria gets to spend a couple days a week at an amazing daycare, it's always a tragedy when she has to leave.

Once I get a few days off, we enjoy it as much as we can. Morning walks, afternoon's in the sun and lazy evenings.

We joined some great friends's of ours at Orange is Art, a local studio for baby art time! All edible, natural ingredients, it started with water play then textured, colorful fun!  Aria was little unsure of how messy the paint was, she would be happy and giggling one moment and then expressing her concern about the green goo on her toes and fingers the next, but in the end she was happy and waving to everyone! We get to pick up her masterpiece next week. :)

We followed the art session with some fun at the water park to clean up and cool off.

Seth and I got away for much needed adult's-only night out. We were invited by our friends to the Brett Eldredge concert at our County Fair. Music was good, awesome company, made some new friends, enjoyed a little beer and prickly pear lemonade (my favorite!) and felt like kids as we rode a couple rides to end the night...

a blurry good time
Actually Taco Bell ended the night.

Short and sweet as we roll into the weekend. Happy Friday! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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