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Breastfeeding is amazing and well worth it if you can do it, but it is not easy. I do credit breastfeeding coupled with a good, clean diet with helping me reach my pre-pregnancy weight. It torches calories and increases your metabolism, so if you are able to maintain it and keep up, all the better. 

Breastfeeding did not come 'naturally' for me.  Never had anything been so awkward as having a nurse look over my shoulder and watch me stuff a squished nipple into a clueless baby's mouth over and over. It's not automatic. I ended up having to use a shield since my daughter was too small and weak at birth to efficiently nurse. With that, I was successfully able to nurse her for 4 months, followed by exclusively pumping for the next 8 months, bringing me to my goal of a year. 

Over that year I learned alot, between researching, trial & error and experience I have bundled my favorite things right here. 

This pump, the Medeal Pump In Style served me well the entire time! I ordered the car power cord in addition, as there were way too many instances of pumping & driving. 

Soothies are a lifesaver in the first weeks, they can be re-used over and over as long as they are clean. Note: Keep them in the fridge, it's like a spa day for your nipples. 

Lanolin : Another must-have. Prevented painful chapping/cracking. 

Your baby will request food as soon as you are in public, I personally preferred covering up for my comfort and privacy, so I went with a couple different styles of covers, this one worked great and is pretty cute. I also really liked this one for the aforementioned pumping & driving ;) 

Pillows are good, but a wrap-around pillow is even better. Boppy Pillows were my favorite! 

Steam clean bags keep the bacteria away, clean your pump parts & bottles, toss'em in the bag and after a few minutes in the microwave, you have clean, sterile parts for you and your babe. These Micro-Steam Bags worked great and could use them for just a few things or a whole load of bottles and parts. 

Feel free to shoot me your questions/experiences, I'd love to hear what worked for you! 

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