Poppy Nails & Kettlebells

12:35 PM

This past week has been uncomfortably hot.. the kind of hot that makes you want to lie in a puddle on the floor.. under a fan, on a bed of ice. The humidity.. I die.

The heat makes it tough to workout as well. Your need for fluids doubles when it's scorching out and add in a workout, you multiply the dehydration factor. I did manage to hike the vineyard before the sun came out too much as well as get in a workout very early over the weekend, 65 degrees at 6am was my only chance.

Morning Sweat Session

a) 3x10 Push Press
b) 3x10 Lateral Arm Raises
c) 3x10 Anterior/Front Raises
d) 3x25 American Kettlebell Swings

*One extended superset, choose a weight that challenges you, but that's light enough you complete each set unbroken. 

When it's this hot, we bust out the little pool for Aria. I pour a glass of something icy and we chill, as best we can.

We did brave the heat for a couple errands, but it was mostly popsicle and pool parties around here.

With no desire to cook and the Farmer's Market so close, an abundance of fresh produce meant fresh salads for dinner.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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