Emi's Birthday Brunch

7:30 AM

Our littlest and wildest turns a year old this week! Where does time go? I look back at pictures, and can remember the situation around each picture, almost feeling like I can remember that day, but then I can't comprehend how they feel like the days were so long ago, but yesterday at the same time. Memories are funny that way. 

To celebrate our little peanut, we invited a few special friends and family members over for a mid morning brunch. Waffles, overnight french toast, homemade whip cream, and of course, a smash cake, all washed down with and iced coffee & juice bar. 

The night before, while making the cake, there was some leftover batter for a few cupcakes. Aria happily claimed one for herself, making sure to take good care of it, extra careful holding it - but not eating it, just caring for it like a little pet.  Emi, a tiny tornado, sweeps through the room and finds big sis has a treat. We warned Aria to keep the cupcake away from Emi, however in one fell swoop, Emi's little mitts mashed that cupcake into bits. If you hadn't known what had happened, you might think that some awful tragedy had struck, that someone had died or a cat got ran over - Aria came unglued, meanwhile Emi just wanted to know what the sticky crap on her fingers was.. 

Emerson, surprisingly was very hesitant to smash into the cake the next morning.. but after a few interested taps into the frosting, she discovered that the sweet stuff was delicious and helped herself to a chunk of cake. 

We kept everything pretty simple and low key with an at home party. Butterflies seemed fitting for our sweet girl and the fact that we are seeing more Spring-like weather. We set everythiang up at our dining table pressed against the wall. The older girls had more fun moving their plates around in a game of keep-away from Emi rather than eating their waffles. We socialized, chilled out, let the sugar run its course, then enjoyed some 3 hour naps from the kids. 

We had so much fun celebrating our sweet girl. She's the happiest little thing, all the time. She loves Aria so much, with the biggest smile coming over her every time they play, or when Aria goes in for a hug. She only has her two bottom teeth, but assumes the role of "snow-monster" when the older kids decide to run around the house, Emi will follow, room to room growling with glee. She loves smooches, snuggles and to play peek-a-boo and a little game of look-away. 

Thank you to all of those who joined us to celebrate! Happy first birthday sweet little Emerson Rose, stay wild my child, we love you so! 

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