A Mom's Guide to Essential Oils Everyday

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Our family has fallen in love with essential oils, and so many of you have sent me questions on how they work or how you can work them into your routine with little ones. We started using them over a year ago as a way to help support our immune systems & promote better sleep habits for our family – but in all honesty, I have been continually surprised at how much oils can do.  You’ve seen me share some things on social media and even a few posts here and there, but today I wanted to share how we use our oils every single day and why we love them!!

1. Immune Support. 
One of the first reasons we started using oils was for immune support, if you have toddlers (especially ones in daycare, preschool, etc.) you understand. It felt like week after week, we were all run down. There are even oils to use for respiratory support for more specific needs as well.  Adding oils to our daily routine has been life changing, every mom needs to try oils for this reason alone.

2. Better sleep!
There is a reason that every baby product on the planet contains lavender. There was actually a study done that stated a lavender-scented bath before bedtime can promote more restful sleep in infants. Sold.

We first started using oils for sleep for Aria when she was almost two. We started using them with Emi when she was about seven months old - I held off simply because I wasn’t sure about oils + babies, but I finally discovered the book “Gentle Babies”, and learned that I could have been using them since day one.

I add a drop of Lavender to their bath and use the KidScent's bath line (that contains sleep-inducing favorites like Cedarwood + Lavender), and oils go in the diffuser in the girl’s rooms every night. We rotate between Lavender & Cedarwood, Sleepyize or Peace & Calming. Emi averages 13 hours of sleep and Aria, 11-12 hours.

I also shared the other day that I myself usually spend several hours thinking about the day, or things to do tomorrow or crap weeks from now – right as I crawl into bed, until oils. I recently fell in love with a roller blend called “Tranquil”, but there are SO many oils that can be worked into a bedtime routine to encourage a healthy nights sleep, I don’t know where we would be without them.

3. Emotional Support & Balanced Moods. 
There is literally SO MUCH SCIENCE behind this topic. When you inhale an essential oil, receptor cells of the olfactory system receive the aroma, send signals to the brain, specifically the center of our emotions, memory and parasympathetic response. This controls our blood pressure, breathing, hormone balance, heart rate & so much more. So simply inhaling certain oils, or applying oils to your wrists or behind your ears, can be extremely calming, uplifting & grounding.

I found that after having Emi my postpartum emotions were all over the place, so I started using oils more. One of my favorite “Happy Mama” blends is Joy, Bergamot & Orange in a roller to I can have it with me at all times -  because sitting in traffic with grumpy kids or dealing with witching hour can fray nerves fast.

4. Chemical-Free Cleaning.
I have always hated traditional cleaning supplies, the smells are always overpowering and they are hazardous to store in the house or in the kitchen. Young Living offers a line of cleaning products, specifically the Thieves Cleaner, which is 100% effective, all natural, and safe around kids. I don’t have to worry about cleaning toys, wiping down highchairs or cleaning the bathtub. Emi eats all the things, so not having to worry about a toxic residue being licked off of something offers a little peace of mind.

There are hundreds of ways to use oils themselves for cleaning as well, like using Purification (a blend) to cleanse the air and deodorize or Lemon oil to remove sticky residue or Thieves oil with some baking soda to make an amazing soft scrub for your bathrooms, floors or even your coffee-stained mugs.

5. Glowing skin. 
I used to own 2 makeup removers, 11 different moisturizers, 6 eye creams and 3 serums that all promised to make my skin better. I never found anything that I really loved or that worked very well, until essential oils came along. I now use a few drops of coconut oil + witch hazel as a makeup remover, Grapefruit oil with a little grapefruit oil and jojoba oil as a delicate facial scrub then follow it up with Jojoba oil with a drop of Frankincense as my moisturizer (incredible for all those laugh lines)  I also love to roll Lavender + Copiaba around my eyes and dab a little Tea Tree to blemishes. It might seem odd to cleanse and moisturize with oil, but when your skin doesn't feel the need to constantly produce it, amazing things happen.

On top of all of this, babies have such delicate skin, and Emi’s is one of the most sensitive. I felt so bad when her skin just wasn't responding to regular lotion. It would soak in and her skin would feel dry again in less than an hour. So, I made a batch of Coconut Oil + Shea Butter and added in Gentle Baby EO and have used that as a daily moisturizer on her after bath time for the past few weeks - her skin has never looked SO good and felt so soft!

6. To make home smell AMAZING.
When we started using our diffuser, my eyes were opened to all the things I had been using previously and about all the toxic things I was putting into the air. After reading about how toxic candles are to burn, or how those plug-in air fresheners are sitting in the top 3 of the most toxic things in our home - we have turned to diffusing oils instead. The best part? They have added benefits! So while Bergamot, Orange & Lemongrass in the diffuser smells amazing (like fruity pebbles!), it is also uplifting & mood boosting!  Blends like Lime + Stress Away (vanilla-lime) smell heavenly, especially when diffused at bed time, they are also highly relaxing & calming. My new favorite blend is Eucalyptus, Blue Cypress + Lemon, makes me feel like I’m on vacation in Australia.

7. For my inner DIY. 
Grapefruit body scrub, dry shampoo, muscle cream, outdoor spray, you name it, there’s an oil for that! It never fails that on any given day, I am googling things & find an oil based solution. Dry cuticles? Done. Ants in the kitchen? Done. It is an amazing feeling to have a safe, natural (and easy!) way solve problems with things I already have at home.

8. Flavor.
Young Living essential oils are all 100% therapeutic grade, and the Vitality line of oils can be used to naturally flavor your favorite food & drinks! I love a drop of Grapefruit or Peppermint in my morning water, Lime or Orange in sparkling water and Rosemary or Basil in olive oil when cooking!

Many of you know my history with tummy troubles, I have to keep a fairly good diet. But when I want a cupcake or have that extra treat, I have started using DiGize & Peppermint. I'll add them to a capsule or to a shot of AVC and take them like a supplement to help keep things operating like they are supposed to.

And while on the topic of sweets, add 5 drops of Peppermint to your next batch of brownies, or 5 drops of Lemon to your lemon bar recipe, and 2 drops of Orange to your pancake or waffle batter -SO GOOD!

I hope this is helpful for anyone who isn’t sure how to use their oils or for those of you considering getting started! As always, you can find more information on how to get started using oils for your family here, or you can follow along at Happy Mama Essentials page for all sorts of tips & tricks!

***PS: A special promo ends this weekend, for everyone who orders their Starter Kit, I'll send you a copy of the "Gentle Babies" book plus a package of goodies, so you can hit the ground running!***

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