30 Day Squat Challenge

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Want buns of steel? - Do a month of daily squats. That's up next for this month's workout challenge. The 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge wraps up today, I can't wait to share the results and feedback with you, (our Facebook Group kicked some kettlebell booty!).  But I thought I would provide a quick rundown for the month ahead - Squats.

Here's the drill: Do 5 more squats each day than you did the day before, for 30 days.

The first day, do 50 air squats, day 2 - 55 squats, day 3 - 60 squats and you rest on day 4.  By day 30, you'll be completing 200 squats. Go for 3 days on, one day off to rest.  We'll make it fun, do some tabatas, drills, mix up sets and reps and may even throw in the option of back, front and overhead squats if you really want a challenge.

The biggest thing to be mindful of when you squat is HOW you squat. Make sure your form is good. Squat like a child (I wish we could always have this kind of flexibilty!)

As an adult, your squat should look like this - thank you ONNIT Academy: 

Weight on your heels, sit back- like you're sitting on a toilet, seriously. Keep your posture correct, no leaning forward, knees pushed out & make sure you squat all the way down - ass to grass.

If you notice knee pain or any joint pain for that matter, be sure to consider your form. Squats should not hurt. To modify the squat, simply squat back onto a chair, bench or medicine ball, preferably knee height or slightly lower. 

Practicing Wall Squats is another fantastic way to perfect your form. Get close to a wall and squat down with your arms overhead, be sure that you do not touch the wall. Do 10 of these each day as a warm up. 

To improve your mobility, something we all need to do, be sure to sit in a low squatting pose 3-5 minutes each day. 

To join our Monthly Challenge Facebook Group click here. Be sure to send me your questions or concerns or ideas! I'd love to hear from you.  

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