12 Sanity Savers

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With a toddler and a newborn, most days are filled with happiness, love & cuddles, I love it. There are also those days where I empty the dispenser of baby wipes and accept too many fistfuls of food that the toddler doesn’t want to eat.. on those days I need something to help keep my sanity intact. So here’s my list of favorites in case you need some sanity too.

1.  Music
Aria loves to dance. She has some serious moves for a two year old. So if the day is turning to shit in a bucket, I will turn up some music and we dance in the kitchen until daddy comes home.

2.  Sunshine
It helps so much, and sometimes I don’t even realize how much I need to get outside until we've been cooped up in the house for awhile. Going outside with a blanket, iced coffee and bubble solution will fix any toddler’s meltdown and make mom feel sane again. (Have you seen the spill-proof bubble containers?!)

3.  Target
I know, I know. But really, where else can I go in for toothpaste and come out the proud owner of so many things that are not toothpaste? Also, have you seen all the other moms & crying kids are in that store.. that’s camaraderie. See #6 below.

4.  Purging one thing in the house
When everything is out of control I’ll find the pile in the house that is bothering me most, whether that’s the junk drawer in the kitchen or the pile of laundry on the top shelf in my closet, and I’ll dump the whole thing on the floor, then organize it.  Having at least one thing that starts from scratch and feels nice and tidy makes a huge difference. It’s slightly OCD, but hey, it works.

5.  Coffee
I once tried to stop drinking caffeine, but that lasted about 2 hours.

6.  Camaraderie
Talking to women who are dealing with similar life challenges is probably the easiest way to help me feel like I’m not as crazy as my husband sometimes suspects I am.  I can’t stress the importance of adult conversation..

7.  A Hot Bath and a Locked Door
…and music to tune out the little knocks on the door.

Cribs work great for containing the little people while you finally put that pile of laundry away

8.  Exercise
I find that if I want to keep from flinging someone out a window, I need to have at least felt like I put some energy into throwing a barbell or kettlebell around a little bit. Plus the post-workout endorphins make a huge difference in how I handle coming home to witching hour.

9.  A Trip to the Grocery Store - Alone
I realize this is an odd and somewhat sad statement, that I now consider this as a luxury or vice. But there you have it.

10.  Wine
I used to work in the wine industry and would pride myself on my wine-hoarding abilities.. not anymore.. I now have more corks than full bottles.

11.  Ditch the plans
Sometimes just throwing an entire day’s plans out the window and going to get a flippin' ice cream cone can make life better, even if dog hair sticks to the toddler’s fingers afterward.

12.  Admit Defeat
Admitting defeat can be oddly freeing when you’re covered in baby vomit and have a crying toddler on your leg with cheerios on the floor and crayon marks on the TV screen. Do all of the above if needed..

Tomorrow is a new day.

How do you handle the crazy moments in life? I'd love to hear your tips!

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