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You've heard the joke.. Black Friday is the one day where you'll get trampled by the shopping mobs exactly one day after you are supposed to be thankful for what you have... 

I have only participated in Black Friday shopping twice. I prefer to be an online shopper so that I can sleep in, make my cup of coffee, peruse the sales, make breakfast and have a lazy family day. Although, for the past couple years I have had to work the three days following Thanksgiving as it is the busiest time for wineries. I try not to complain, because every year when this weekend comes around, I am thankful I am working those three days. 

Here's what comes to mind for this Thanksgiving: 

I am thankful that I am employed..(even when I don't want to go to work ;) 
..that my wonderful husband can stay home with our sweet girl when I am at work. 
..for my husband, who works his buns off to provide for us so I can be part-time.
I am so blessed to be the mama to the sweetest, happiest, best little girl ever!
..that we are surrounded by wonderful family & friends through the year, not just the holidays. 
..that we have a warm house, full bellies, and everything we need, even though there is always something on our shopping list.. 
I'm so grateful that we are all healthy. 
I'm thankful for this sweet little baby I'm carrying, as I know there are many who wish they were. 
Thankful that each of my pregnancies have been easy, no serious complaints or concerns.. 
I feel so, so blessed. 

I have never been one to post the '30 days I'm thankful for..' and I know that this may seem a short list.. but as I sit here looking around our home, my eyes are teary. When you stop and think about everything you have, I could not put it all into words. Things are never perfect, that's not how life works, but it is pretty damn good. 

Wishing you a happy, grateful, thankful and blessed Thanksgiving this year... The Wheelers

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