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2:20 PM

How is it already Thanksgiving eve? I feel like it should still be February.. summer was a blur and fall left a us with a quick kiss and a wave before dissolving into a Winter chill.. 

I don't think I have looked forward to December this much since I was a little girl awaiting the clatter of hooves on our roof. Having a baby.. make that a toddler, makes the Christmas season so fun. The magical nature of everything that twinkles, glitters and makes you warm and cozy is just the best with a little one. 

I started Christmas shopping the moment that cute little decorations came out on store shelves.. thank you Target. And while Halloween is fun and all.. I had a basket of Christmas that was going to explode if I waited one more day to decorate. 

My little helper loved pulling out all the "pree balls" (pretty balls - aka glitter ornaments) and sitting in the pile of lights as I checked each strand. We will wait another week or so to get our tree - if I can wait that long. 

In the meantime, stockings are hung and the house smells of balsam fir.. as I stand in the kitchen eating all the yummy snacks and sipping on iced coffee. 

Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving! <3

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