What's not in the pictures

11:48 AM

When I started blogging, my goals was to inspire, motivate, provide something valuable, and create a community to connect - with my posts & words and with each other.  It's become a place where being a mom collides with creating, cooking, fitness, health and everything in between. 

There is so much happening, and we are only weeks into the new year. So as we move forward, I hope you know that life isn't all rainbows & sunshine, pictures may be pretty, but I hope you know there's more to it. 

For every pretty picture, there is a pile of laundry on the bed - that's been relocated between the basket, dryer & bed three times already. There are diapers that are still on the floor and a sink full of dishes. 

For every project and new print I share, there was plenty of stress & exhaustion, and wonder of if it's 'worth it', because a dozen other things were pushed to the side to complete it. 

There were disagreements and frustration - creating our app while parenting a toddler and a new baby at the same time is without a doubt the hardest things our marriage has gone through.

Behind the pictures is an overtired mom who uses too much dry shampoo, slept in her makeup and is frazzled beyond belief by 10am. A mom who curses too much, who promises to be more patient.. then loses it when her toddler asks for a waffle, refuses the waffles then cries when I take it away. 

For every cute picture of the girls, there are plenty of tantrums & tears, fits thrown over wearing a jacket outside and battles at bedtime. There are nights I wonder if I was a good mom, did I hold the girls enough, did I show them how much I love them...?

I don't ever want anyone to feel like less  - whether you stay at home or work full time, breastfeed or formula feed, workout once a month or 5 days a week.. or can't remember the last time you cooked at home. 

Just because I do things one way, does not mean that it's the best way. There are lots of things I don't talk about here, and that's most likely how it will stay. I choose to see the beauty in things, share the happy & fun times and share things that might inspire you. I still deal with guilt, stress, anxiety, defeat.. and all the mood swings one could possibly have. So know that for each post, each moment or story shared, there are a million more that aren't. 

Last week, I posted a quote I found that read, "I don't want anything from you, I want everything for you.." which captures my goals with this blog perfectly. 

Thank you so much for reading, understanding and supporting my blog. Thank you for trying recipes,  downloading our app, hanging my art in your homes, sending me emails and posting comments. It all means SO much. 

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