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Pregnancy, labor & delivery blow my mind. The fact that we can grow a perfect, tiny human and deliver them into this world, no matter what kind of birth you have, is absolutely incredible.

It seems we are in a world where bouncing back into your pre-pregnancy body is expected to take .53 seconds after you give birth. Lets be real..

My first pregnancy resulted in a Cesarean section, this time I had a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). So I've had two completely different recoveries, both had their benefits, but both were  (and have been) just as grueling, in their own special way.

Six weeks out from delivery I'm still not 100% and don't expect to be for awhile, it took 9 months to grow a little person and to give birth.. it will take time to return to pre-pregnancy shape. I am planning to make more notes regarding my recovery this time to share later. I anticipate sharing these notes in hopes of helping those experiencing something similar and looking to regain their strength and endurance.
One week postpartum
6 weeks postpartum

I'm taking the time to appreciate what my body has gone through and how it has recovered. Feel free to comment below, I'd love to hear your you recovered, or what your plans are if you just had a baby recently too.

I am putting together a summer challenge, so stay tuned for that later this week as I hope you'll join me! 

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