Easter 2016 & Life Lately

5:30 PM

Hope you all had a fun-filled Easter! I cannot believe that April (& Spring) are finally here.. not to mention our due date for baby Emerson. But we are ready! 

Easter was so, so fun this year. Since Aria could egg-hunt, that's how we started the morning. When I was growing up, first things first, eggs were to be found, followed by our baskets from the Easter Bunny.

Sunday morning she was still in a little bit of a sleepy daze, so we showed her through the living room window that there were eggs outside sprinkled in the grass. Once she woke up, she couldn't get her jacket, otherwise knows as her 'suit suit' & shoes fast enough. Once suited up, she went around to each egg, squatted down and would point and announce what color the egg was, but would not touch them. 

In an effort to show her that they are to be picked up, I grabbed one and handed it to her. She looked at me so puzzled, grabbed the egg and put it right back where I had grabbed it from. With a little prompting (showing her the bunny cookies inside) she realized that these little eggs were quite the prize and collection was necessary. ;)

Eggs were opened, breakfast was made and Easter grass was strewn throughout the house. We relaxed & enjoyed dinner with the in-laws. 

We've also been savoring this time as a family of 3, since that will be changing very soon! The sunshine and warm weather has made it easy to enjoy some ice-cream cones, sidewalk chalk and long afternoon walks. The best part of ice-cream cones is getting to hear Aria excitedly shout "kweebm!, kweebm!" <3

With our due date being 4/2 and a promise from my doctor that Emerson will be arriving soon, I'm certain this will be my last post until after she arrives... oh my! ;) 


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