Merriest Christmas

8:14 PM

December has been a whirlwind. I thought I was on top of all the shopping until it came down to reviewing our list.. Amazon - I love you.  

Santa's coming, cookies have been baked, decorated, squished & crumbled. stockings are full.. (because toddlers can't tell if they are or aren't ;)) and hot cocoa has been sipped.. now we sit back and chill with family in town and good food all around. 

Extra snuggles around the Christmas tree and an extra Christmas story at bedtime. We hope we wake up to snow..even just enough for a footprint would do.

I finally resolved to just sending out New Years cards.. better late than never right?

We wish you the happiest, merriest Christmas! I hope it's filled with all the love & joy you can handle. 

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