Toddler Days

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Good morning, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ours was filled with hustle and bustle, but we tried to slow down when we could. It's definitely Fall around here, the leaves are falling, awaiting tiny feet to crush the leaves in the back yard. Crisp morning air calls for a bundled up walk.. and nothing sounds better than snuggling up under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of hot coffee - which is my current state as I sit here typing before the sun comes up. The house is quiet.

Our week was quick and simple as I head into a rather backwards week - between work and shifting schedules and prepping for our annual Harvest Dinner, it's about to get crazy. I savor days like this, just Aria and I with no real agenda until our 3:00pm super hero comes home when we're all together again. PS: Make sure you take your little one hat shopping - all sorts of hilarious. 

I've started planning how I'd like to set up Aria's big girl room. Our plans are to shift her from the nursery to a bigger room and have the nursery, which is mostly set, for the new baby. We find out next month what we're having (So exciting!) and from there I'll decide how I want to update and make it feel special for the new baby. I have some ideas I can't wait to share. 

In the meantime, we did get this toddler bed in white and I picked up a dresser that needs a little TLC so we're revamping that soon - pics to come. In my next post I'll share some room inspiration to give you an idea of what I'm going for.

Aria, my sweet and sassy girl, has hit a phase where she is under-foot all the time or into something if she's not with one of us.  She is walking, sprinting and climbing - our entertainment stand has been stripped, there's a giant blanket and padding all around the fireplace that she enjoys removing and she's up and down off the couch like it's nothing. She emptied the bathroom cabinets quietly and contently over the weekend. Obviously, we're not so great at this 'baby-proofing' thing.

Coffee all around and pancakes for breakfast. Have a great week! 

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