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Between Easter and both girls' birthdays happening this month - April is an exciting one this year! I've never been a fan of April Fool's day, so to see that side-lined by Easter and all that it offers was welcome by me! 

This Easter was the most magical yet - Aria's imagination is the best right now and all I want to do it feed it. And Emi.. well Emi likes anything fun, new, different and to see if she can make a mess with whatever it is - so it's always a party. The girls' uncle Steven came into town as well - so we had double the egg dying, hunting, candy and fun! 

We attempted to attend the Good Friday service our church offers, but Emi wasn't having it- we sat in our seats for about 1 minute before she was writhing around on the floor. And being a Friday, kid's classes weren't an option, so we headed back home and listed to music instead. 

Easter eve started with bunny pancakes & making a carrot cake and finishing the eggs we has left in dye overnight. Our eggs turned out awesome. We did regular box dye earlier in the month and attempted our first round of natural dyes - which turned out beautifully! More on what we used and how we did it in my insta stories. I may do a full post on it in the future. 

We also planted "magic jelly beans" that spouted into lollipops.. and the bunny left a trail of footprints to our door.. and Aria was slightly disappointed when the Easter bunny only ate half of the carrot we left out for her - (and Easter bunny is a girl - according to Aria). 

And the most hilarious egg hunt picture ever.. I need a meme for this! 

Egg hunts done, Easter grass strewn about and onto Emi's birthday!!! Gah, I can't believe she is TWO!!! How can that be? I can remember holding her for the first time and watching as she was weighed & had her footprints taken, like it was yesterday. 

The only way to start such a day was with a balloon ambush and waffles + sprinkles. 

Seth took the day off from work and our goal was to wear the girls out with all the fun things. Between bouncing on the trampolines at the gymnastics place, picking out cupcakes at Sweet Life, getting lunch out at a sit-down restaurant (which we've maybe done twice before with the girls) they were exhausted.. Emi napped just long enough to be woke up for cake & presents then off to go swimming! 

Our house is littered with tired balloons, paper ice cream cones and all the toys from the Easter eggs. And I love it. We have a birthday sleepover planned with friends and plans for a special day just for Aria at the end of the month. 

A two & four year old. What?! 

I love that each day is new, busy and blooming with imagination, vocabulary and independence. It's always an adventure - I can't wait for summer! 

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