Halloween to Christmas Bucket List

10:35 PM

We went into Hobby Lobby this morning to shop for Christmas decorations. It was awesome, and so so much fun! Yes, it's only October 18th, but I'm loving how magical everything is for the girls right now - especially Aria. 

She has loved every little fun thing that comes with this time of the year, and I honestly loved that as we toured those sparkling aisles in the store, she was asking me about what things are called, like garland & tinsel.. and talking about how she wishes she had all these things at home right now, which is just too cute! It got me thinking about all the fun things we get to do in the next few months! 

So here's our bucket list and a bunch of snaps from today's pumpkin & apple collection. Our list is a little heavy on Christmas and forgets Thanksgiving, oops.. but it's all festive & fun right?!


 I seriously can't handle how fast the girls are growing and changing everyday. I know this upcoming season will be so full of magic and fun, but will pass by in the blink of an eye, so my goal is to savor every little bit of it I can. At night, as we snuggle the girls into bed, I think back about everything we did that day, all the simple things, fun things.. even the chaos sometimes. It's easy to get caught up in the next thing, so this reflection with my girls gives me a few minutes to slow down and to appreciate all those little moments. I do have a journal for each of the girls, but I'm tempted to start a daily journal - does anyone do that anymore? If so, what are your favorite journals?

xoxo, McKenzie

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