8 Tips for Working Out with a New Baby

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Right before I had Aria, my plan on getting back into shape was set: Wait until I was cleared at 6 weeks postpartum, re-join my Crossfit classes 3 times per week, I'd feed her before class, she could just chill in her bouncy seat, I could get my workout in and be back in shape in no time. Then I actually had a baby. 

The above daydream disappeared like the pacifiers did, never to be found again.

10 weeks went by and I realized that a successful day was getting a complete shower, getting dressed and making sure the baby napped a couple times. I had only busted out that shiny new stroller a handful of times to maintain my sanity with a walk around the neighborhood.

Working out was a whisper of a thought, always there, but I had never made it a priority. I finally decided that I would ease back into it. It took a couple slow months, but I'm back in the swing of things, healthier and in better shape than I was before I was pregnant.

Here's my list of tips on how to balance life with a sweet little newborn and still get your workout in:

Dress in your workout clothes. 

The main thing I tried to do was to start my day with a plan to workout. I would dress in my workout clothes. Beyond my love of yoga pant, if I intentionally put my running/training shoes on, my favorite workout tank, pulled hair into a pineapple or ponytail, that would set the tone... I might as well do something since I'm already dressed for it, right?

Breakfast in your fuel. 

Another big factor for me was if I felt 'fueled' for a workout. Make sure your breakfast is rounded. I'd eat some sort of protein, some good carbs and healthy fats with a giant glass of water.. (followed by a couple cups of coffee - mom fuel) Many times this involved taking bites of out a piece of chicken breast that had been pronged by a fork while dancing around holding Aria. But when it came time to workout I would have no excuse.

Workout Together

Workout with your baby. Strollers are amazing, but I don't mean just running/walking. There were plenty of days were I was doing push-ups while on the floor with her for tummy time, lunging down the hallway with her in her jumper at the end, air squats while holding her tight to my chest. As a mom you do what you have to. 

Family Workouts

Soon after I had Aria the reality of making to a class dissolved, so we began putting together a home gym.. applying what would have been our monthly fees to equipment. Working out became a family matter. We no longer had coaches, so we become each others coach and cheering section. I would hold Aria, Seth would get his reps in, then we'd swap. 

Another way this worked was by going for evening walks, fur-babies and all. A win for everyone. 

If a home gym isn't an option, consider joining a gym with a daycare, trade childcare with a neighbor, she watches yours while you workout then swap, etc. 

Team Up

As a clueless new mom I joined a couple local mommies groups, teamed up with a stroller group, and was fortunate enough to have an amazing next door neighbor who has the cutest kids and has a new baby as well.  It doesn't happen as frequently as we would like.. that's life, but every couple weeks I'll be sure to meet up and get out for a walk/jog with another momma and their little one. It's great playtime for Aria, we get some fresh air, adult conversation, and exercise.

 Plan your day

Seth's schedule changed after we had Aria, he started his day at 5 am, so if I was not already up with Aria, I would just get up and get around was well.  I could nap later in the morning or afternoon. 

By getting up early it provided necessary structure for my day. I could put together a general plan for how and when everything would happen - tidy the house, then run errands in the morning, workout in the evening.

Plan your week

If I had a plan for the days I would workout and which activities for those days, I would be able to stick to it much better than riding by the seat of my pants. 

Monday: weight-training/crossfit
Tuesday: morning walk with stroller ___ miles/loop
Wednesday: body weight workout/baby swimming class (never got around to this ourselves, but I know many mamas do. 
Thursday: morning run with stroller ___ miles/loop
Friday: evening walk with hubby and dogs

Make it a PRIORITY

If it's important to you, you'll do it.  Another way to think of it it to make taking care of yourself a priority, because if you are happy and healthy, your family will be too.  I'll be the first to admit that things DO come up, I'll have a day that is just too busy already or I'm just plain tired. 

It's also easy to let everything else come first, there will always be something else that needs attention, but the dishes can wait, and laundry can be tumbled for the 18th time. Make your workout time as important as any other appointment you have to make if need-be, just build it into your day. 

I feel the need to hashtag... #strongmommas :)

How do you exercise with a new baby?

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